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    Welcome to D. Panetta Contracting! Serving Alpine, NJ’s Landscape Design, Pool Construction and Commercial Excavation Needs Since 1999

    D. Panetta Contracting performs quality and experienced landscape design, pool construction, commercial excavation services and much more in Alpine, NJ:

    D Panetta Awards Alpine, NJ

    D. Panetta Contracting is located in Randolph, NJ and serves all of Northern NJ. Our mission is to deliver quality projects on time and on budget for each of our customers. We specialize in residential and commercial contracting. When you need the job done right, on time and on budget, please contact D. Panetta Contracting. We have been in business since 1999 and have over 50 years of combined experience in various trades.

    Residential Backyard Services in Alpine, New Jersey

    Backyard Experience Alpine, NJ

    D. Panetta strives to create backyard experiences that will create family memories that will last a lifetime. Creating a space that is truly a destination for your children, family and friends is worth it’s weight in gold. It will inspire you to learn new things, to take time to smell the roses and to gather more with the people who really matter to you. A dream, backyard paradise is closer to your grasp then you think and you will be surprised at how pleasurable the process is when you deal with a professional company, who does the job right. Your experiences that will surface from your backyard paradise will be priceless.

    3-D Pool and Landscape Design Serving Alpine, NJ

    Residential Backyard Services Alpine, NJ

    3D Pool and Landscape Design Alpine, NJ

    D. Panetta’s team communicates and collaborates with their clients to produce a state-of-the-art 3D pool and landscape design to meet the client’s expectations. This 3D design technology allows our client’s the ability to anticipate what the final project will look like, prior to the start of the pool and landscape construction.

    Inground Gunite Pool Construction Serving Alpine, NJ

    Concrete Gunite Pool Construction Alpine, NJ

    D. Panetta Contracting are industry leaders in quality pool construction. We specialize in gunite pools that will last for generations. Looking to build a pool that will be safe for the entire family and friends to enjoy? Contact D. Panetta and our professional team will work with you to design and safely construct the pool of your dreams. Some people ask what the difference is between gunite and concrete. Concrete is a versatile material that forms walls, columns, swimming pools and other structures. Gunite, which received its name from its gunlike applicator, is the dry-mixed form of sprayed concrete or shotcrete that creates your inground pool.

    Poolscapes in Alpine, New Jersey

    Poolscapes Alpine, NJ

    We offer the highest quality in our multidimensional craftsmanship to our clients who are interested in designing and building a poolscape, beyond their expectations. Our respected team at D. Panetta takes pride in turning their client’s vision into reality. We will make your outdoor lifestyle something that you will look forward to enjoying every single day and turn your backyard into your personal oasis and vacation destination.

    Hardscapes in Alpine, NJ

    Hardscapes Alpine, NJ

    All clients have different needs in incorporating elements into their outdoor environment. Our professional team at D. Panetta will work with our clients to design and construct a stone, brick, or concreate wall or pathway around their landscaped yard for a clean and prestigious look.

    Residential Masonry in Alpine, New Jersey

    Residential Masonry Alpine, NJ

    D. Panetta Contracting builds residential structures using brick, stone, marble, granite, and many other masonry materials. Our experienced masons will get the project done properly and on budget for commercial or residential.

    Hot Tubs and Spas in Alpine, NJ

    Hot Tubs and Spas Alpine, NJ

    Imagine, after a long day of work, coming home to your own personal spa. Picture, taking off your shoes and walking into a steaming hot tub, closing your eyes and just truly relaxing with your favorite beverage… This luxury is very close within reach and the team at D. Panetta Contracting can help you experience it at your own home.

    Ornamental Landscaping in Alpine, NJ

    Ornamental Landscaping Alpine, NJ

    Want your landscaped area to look outstanding by adding visually pleasant trees and plants? Adding the right balance of landscape to your home will only enhance your curb appeal. Work with our respected team to create a design that fits your vision, before the planting takes place. We will professionally design your backyard and add the right type of plants, flowers, shrubs and trees that will truly exceed your expectations.

    Patios in Alpine, Bergen County, NJ

    Patios Alpine, NJ

    Having your dining or entertaining experiences outdoors on an open or closed patio can be very relaxing in the warm fresh air. Work with our team to design and build a patio structure that works for your family’s outdoor living.

    Outdoor Grills, Kitchens & Barbeques in Alpine, NJ

    Outdoor Grills Kitchens and Barbeques Alpine, NJ

    Want the many conveniences of cooking and eating outdoors with your friends and family during the beautiful weather months? Cooking outside is like a dream come true. Why be cooped up inside when you can enjoy the outdoors with your family by the pool. Enhance your outdoor cooking experience with a professionally installed outdoor kitchen and grill. D. Panetta’s many years of service provides our team the knowledge and professionalism to collaborate with you to design and construct an outdoor kitchen and barbeque area that creates truly memorable experiences.

    Outdoor Electronic Entertainment in Alpine, Bergen County, NJ

    Outdoor Electronic Entertainment Alpine, NJ

    Want to catch the game or your favorite show under the stars? Why not do so outside by the pool with the rest of your family? We can install televisions and a kicking stereo system, because a party without the tunes, simply isn’t the same! Contact us to get your dream outdoor electronic lifestyle setup today!

    Outdoor Lighting in Alpine, NJ

    Outdoor Lighting Alpine, New Jersey

    Lighting creates an ambiance of magic and awe. Outdoor lights have come a long way and are very energy efficient. The color can be controlled at your fingertips, right from your phone! Decorate your backyard with light! The changing color and brightness allow you to ‘paint’ your backyard according to your mood and ambiance you want to create. Want a relaxed feel, perhaps you turn on red or purple? You want a club feel, go with bright blue. Your choice!

    Exterior Lighting in Alpine, New Jersey

    Exterior Lighting Alpine, NJ

    Exterior lighting helps accentuate the architecture of your home. Exterior lighting can be directed on your home to highlight and bring out the beauty of your home. Exterior lighting can also be used to brighten walkways and your driveway to increase visibility so your loved ones can safely enter and exit your residence. Our experienced team has many years of experience in safely installing quality exterior lighting that lasts for years to come.

    Pavers, Traverntine, Flagstone, Concrete & Stone Walkways in Alpine, NJ

    Pavers Traverntine Flagstone Concrete and Stone Walkways Alpine, NJ

    Walkways can be built from different materials, such as stone, brick or concrete. Let our professional team collaborate with you to design and construct walkways around your home that accommodate your outdoor needs. D. Panetta offers the finest quality in pavers, traverntines, flagstones, stones, and concrete in constructing the many elements around your outdoor living. We will use our enhanced software to show you how each of the colors and patterns compliment the various elements on your project.

    Retaining Walls in Alpine, NJ

    Retaining Walls_Alpine, NJ

    Do you need a retaining wall designed and constructed for a specific need or purpose? Our respected team at D. Panetta will effectively work with our client’s to design and construct a safe retaining wall that meets all standards and specifications.

    Waterfalls in Alpine, New Jersey

    Waterfalls Alpine, NJ

    Waterfalls add extra ambiance to your outdoor living that can take your breath away. Waterfalls add a refreshing, meditative sound and visual component that you will want to sit next to and appreciate as much as you possibly can. Let D. Panetta’s Team work with you to design and construct an astonishing waterfall project that you, your friends and family will admire.

    Grottos in Alpine, NJ

    Grottos Alpine, NJ

    Looking to add an authentic grotto into your landscape to show off your garden? A grotto is a small picturesque cave added right to your backyard. A grotto adds a sense of privacy and awe to your yard and is an excellent place to relax and philosophize with your friends and family. Take advantage of D. Panetta’s technology to fully design your thoughts on the computer, prior to the construction of the designed grotto.

    Ponds in Alpine, Bergen County, NJ

    Ponds Alpine, NJ

    Bring your outdoor living up a notch with the addition of a pond. You can add many elements of wildlife to your pond from plants to colorful Koi fish. Ponds are an excellent place for your waterfall to flow into. Your pond will bring years of peace, serenity and joy to you and your family. Our professional team at D. Panetta offer many beautiful pond designs that will enhance your outdoor living environment.

    Steps in Alpine, Bergen County, NJ

    Steps Alpine, NJ

    Change the appearance of your steps to enhance the attractiveness of you home. We offer many different step materials, from brick, bluestone, concrete to pavers. At D. Panetta, we take pride in developing designs that fit to the expectations of our clients and local safety standards.

    Firepits in Alpine, NJ

    Firepits Alpine, NJ

    Firepits radiate the most comfortable and warmth ambiance of the outdoors, that brings your family and friends together to share stories and experiences. Your firepit can be made of stone, pavers and reside in a comfortable nook near your home. Contact the D. Panetta professional team to help you design and construct your dream fire pit gathering area.

    Pavilions and Gazebos in Alpine, Bergen County, NJ

    Pavilions and Gazebos Alpine, NJ

    Pavilions are a great way to keep your entertainment activities outside, without having to enter indoors. Gazebos add a stunning design element to your outdoor experience. You can read, meditate or just relax with your beverage of choice in a private and secluded sanctuary in your own backyard. D. Panetta’s many years of service provide the knowledge and professionalism to collaborate with you to design and construct a pavilion or gazebo that inspires more outdoor family activity, quality time together and even quality time alone.

    Pool Houses in Alpine, NJ

    Pool Houses Alpine, NJ

    Pool houses are a great enhancement to your outdoor activity gatherings with your friends and family. There is no need to have your guests walk through your home leaving a trail of water behind them. A pool house can contain a shower, rest room, changing rooms, places to store towels and can even have its own washer and dryer. A pool house adds the convenience of having your guests shower after swimming and feeling refreshed and clean for your outdoor dining experience under the stars.

    Outdoor Living Renovations in Alpine, New Jersey

    Outdoor Living Renovations Alpine, NJ

    Are you looking to redesign your outdoor living space to suit your lifestyle changes or needs? Did you just have a family and want to have a backyard that will be a destination to enjoy, like your own theme park? Contact the D. Panetta professional team to help you design and construct your renovation project that will meet your lifestyle changes or needs.

    Commercial Services Serving Alpine, NJ

    Commercial Services Alpine, NJ

    We offer many outdoor commercial services, including, excavating, masonry, underground utility construction, paving, paving repairs, paving maintenance, asphalt removal and paver and asphalt replacement services. We are experienced in working with any size project.

    Water and Sewer Lines in Alpine, NJ

    Water and Sewer Lines Alpine, NJ

    Leave the water and sewer line placement or repairs to the professional team at D. Panetta Contracting, who will make sure the lines are installed accurately and within code.

    Belgium Block Curbing in Alpine, NJ

    Belgium Block Curbing Alpine, NJ

    Belgium block curbing adds elegance and character to any driveway and walkway, but it takes an experienced crew to install it properly. Belgium block installation requires special knowledge and expertise to install correctly. Do not leave your Belgium block curbing to the hands of anyone, but a professional. D. Panetta’s many years of service and experience has the knowledge and professionalism to install Belgium block curbing precisely to meet the expectations of our clients.

    Paving in Alpine, NJ

    Paving Alpine, NJ

    We offer new paving construction, repairs, maintenance, removal and replacement services for concrete and asphalt pavement construction. We are experienced in working with any size project commercial or residential.

    Commercial Masonry in Alpine, New Jersey

    Commercial Masonry Alpine, NJ

    D. Panetta Contracting builds structures using brick, stone, marble, granite, and may other masonry materials. Our experienced masons will get the project done properly and on budget for commercial or residential.

    Underground Utilities in Alpine, NJ


    Do you have a project that requires the utilities, power, gas, septic, water to go into your facility underground? D. Panetta Contracting provides top quality excavation and utility setup services for commercial or residential for close to 50 years.

    Commercial Snow Removal in Alpine, New Jersey

    Commercial Snow Removal Alpine, NJ

    The Team at D. Panetta Contracting has provided reliable snow removal for over 43 years. We have an impeccable reputation for prompt and professional service. We will be there, even in the worst of storms. We are fully insured and are equipped with commercial snow removal equipment.

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